Janis C. Turk, M.A.


Assignments for Spring 2004
And Grade Distribution

Texas Lutheran University
Department of English and Communication Studies
General Education Curriculum Course 132
Spring Semester, 2004

Prof. Turk, Instructor

An informal speculative prospectus that defines your chosen topic on a social problem, the position you intend to take, and the steps you'll take to inform yourself about the problem. 10%

An annotated bibliography of at least ten sources applicable to your topic on a social problem. 10%

A five-to-seven-page essay that explains and defends your position on your topic on a social problem. 20%

A six-to-eight page essay (or possibly an oral presentation) exploring the causes of your topic about a social problem. 10%

An in-class-essay that articulates counter-arguments to your position on your topic about a social problem 10%

A ten-to-twelve page final proposal that defines your topic of a social problem, explores its causes, proposes a detailed solution or improvement for your problem, and answers counter-arguments against your position. This must be addressed (although not necessarily mailed) to a real authority who could put your proposal into action. 30%

Grade for class participation, discussion, group work, attendance, other grades, quizzes, notes, coursework, attendance and reviews of out of class events 10%